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The election results are emphatic. There are no grey areas in the way in which the people of the largest democracy have expressed themselves. There were no ambiguities. India witnesses yet another... »
Last week, news ombudsmen from across the world met at Hamburg in Germany for our annual deliberations and the topic was of both professional and general interest: “Secrets, standards, corruption a... »
British author Hilary Mantel delivered a lecture on the commodification of the Royalty at the British Museum, which was later published in the London Review of Books (February 2013). Within... »
One of the repeated questions I get from young readers and journalism students is about the institution of the Readers’ Editor itself. They want to know how the reporters and the desk at The Hi... »
Innumerable requiems to the magical wordsmith Gabriel García Márquez have brought out his mastery over the language and the craft of storytelling. As a journalist, my personal debt to him comes fro... »
It is not easy to be an ombudsman for a national newspaper during election time. Millions of readers have myriad opinions about who should win and what a newspaper should do to ensure that their fa... »
The 2014 general election is in full swing. Some readers have been writing to me specifically wanting to know about this newspaper’s approach to the election. They want to know whether the paper wo... »
One of my primary mandates as the Readers’ Editor is to ensure dialogue and provide meaningful feedback mechanism to the editorial team. Despite the strides made by technology, talking to one anot... »
One of the privileges of being a Readers’ Editor is the vantage point the office provides from which one can see how the fine balancing act is performed on a daily basis by those in the business of... »
The World Wide Web turned 25 last week. After the invention of the printing press, this is the most defining development in the world of communication. Its impact is still growing and its full pot... »
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