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The 2014 general election is in full swing. Some readers have been writing to me specifically wanting to know about this newspaper’s approach to the election. They want to know whether the paper wo... »
One of my primary mandates as the Readers’ Editor is to ensure dialogue and provide meaningful feedback mechanism to the editorial team. Despite the strides made by technology, talking to one anot... »
One of the privileges of being a Readers’ Editor is the vantage point the office provides from which one can see how the fine balancing act is performed on a daily basis by those in the business of... »
The World Wide Web turned 25 last week. After the invention of the printing press, this is the most defining development in the world of communication. Its impact is still growing and its full pot... »
Last week was momentous news wise, both nationally and internationally. The Election Commission announced the schedule for the 16th general election. As The Hindu editorial pointed out, for... »
For me, the last 18 months had been a rigorous learning exercise. While attempting to understand complaints from readers, I also managed to look at what constituted offence, what fair criticism... »
I am delighted to inform readers that the Second Open House, the interactive session between readers and the editors and senior management of The Hindu, will be held in Bangalore between 2... »
I start this column with a sense of eerie déjà vu. One more book has suffered censorship in the hands of a fringe player, and some of the writers to the Readers’ Editor office are invoking cultural... »
There are moments when I wonder whether it would be useful to start a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section as an independent blog in the Readers’ Editor vertical. The reason is that some quest... »
There are two methods to assess the relationship between a newspaper and its readers. One is qualitative and the other is quantitative. The role of the Readers’ Editor is within the qualitative fr... »
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