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Last week more than 40 news ombudsmen from across the world met at Los Angeles for three days discussing the challenges facing not just news ombudsmen but journalism in its entirety. There were so... »
One of my earlier columns, the gender lens, was about insensitive reporting (October 22, 2012... »
There is rich oeuvre of literature about what constitutes public interest in journalism and there are innumerable manuals for journalistic ethics and best practices. Some of the defining moments i... »
Last week on May 3, there were meetings, conferences, seminars, symposiums and demonstrations across the world to mark the World Press Freedom day. I was invited by UNESCO for a conference on “Rur... »
I respond in three ways to queries from readers — generic questions are answered in my weekly column, errors are corrected and clarifications given on weekdays, and in specific cases, I reply to t... »
Last week, we looked at the possibility of coexistence between the pr... »
The rapid growth of digital media over the last two decades has raised a question whether legacy media can survive in a fully digitised environment. Is it right to classify digital media a predato... »
When the board of directors of Kasturi & Sons, publishers of this newspaper, adopted “Living our Values: Code of Editorial Va... »
A book review in the Friday Review section of the Chennai edition of this paper titled “»
Whenever I tried to dwell upon what was happening to the media in the United States and Western Europe, some readers wondered how relevant it was to the Indian media experience. The history of Ind... »
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