Google Chrome, the comparatively new browser from Google, is gradually gaining foothold on the cyberspace. This edition of NetSpeak discusses a few extensions that make web navigation with Chrome more productive.

The browser extensions/add-ons (the small programs that enhance the functionality of a browser) play a significant role in making a browser popular. In fact, one of the reasons that made Firefox very popular is the availability of a variety of extensions.

Google Chrome too is endowed with several useful extensions. A few of them are discussed here.

While researching with the Net, it is likely that you come across several web pages with data tables. As a researcher you may find these data useful for further analysis. But one limitation of such data pages is that if you simply copy the content it may not be amenable for further processing.

We need some means to extract the data from web page tables, which can be used for further processing. The FireFox Tabletools extension, discussed in the past, is an example of such a tool. If you are a Chrome user, do not get dejected.

Chrome also has an extension that can extract data from web page tables with ease.

The extension TableCapture com/extensions/detail/ iebpj dmgckacbodjpijphcplhebcme op does it quite elegantly. Once integrated with the browser, TableCapture silently works in the background and as soon as the browser hits on a page with HTML tables, it immediately recognises all the tables and brings the ‘Table Capture' icon to the fore. By clicking on this icon, you can navigate through the available tables and capture the ones you need. Once the data is captured thus, move over to the data analysis package, (say, Excel) and just paste on to it.

A digital dictionary is an important tool in the daily life of a netizen. As we already know, there are various means by which we can enlist the service of a digital dictionary.

For instance, you can install a digital dictionary software like Wordweb on your desktop.

If you are a Chrome user, no need to install such a software, just integrate the easy to use dictionary extension ‘Google dictionary' https://chrome. il/mgijmajocgfcbeboacabfgo bmjgjcoja with the browser.

Once installed, to obtain the meaning of a word just double-click on it.

If you have the habit of sending screen shots to clients/friends to communicate effectively, take a look at the Chrome extension Lightshot http://www.chromeextensi After installation, the extension plants an icon on its toolbar and whenever you need to capture a screen image, this icon will do the needful.

Several Chrome extensions meant for accessing social media services (like Twitter and Facebook) are also in place. The extension Twitex http://www.chromeextensi is an instance of such a tool.

Chrome Bird is yet another popular extension in this genre.

Wish to chat with Facebook friends without visiting the Facebook site? If so, install the Facechat extension. extensions/detail/ipobohbjl mabahmlcmjggaklkjellnfc? hl =en-US.

Web2pdf http://www. is a service that lets you convert a web page into a PDF document. Now, if you wish to convert a web page directly from Chrome, install the ‘Web2PDFconverter' extension available at: ons/detail/bkanhckocooac phbnclgcndnpfpoppdk.

Related content discovery services like ‘Similar Sites' http://www.similarsites. com/ help us easily aggregate web pages with content similar to the one being investigated.

Now, if you wish to make this process further easy, take a look at the extension ‘Similar Sites' http://www. chrome -sites/.

Those of you who regularly access services like Gmail, Google wave and Google Reader may find the Chrome extension ‘One Number' useful. This extension lets you access these services with a single mouse click. Symtica mfkdkolgpcopgfcdidgbjk# is yet another wonderful extension of this kind. This extension enables you to access almost all Google applications from a single interface.

If you are a cricket enthusiast, check out the Chrome extension ‘ESPN Cricinfo' that displays live scores of various cricket matches across the globe.

If you wish to take notes while browsing, you may like the extension Chromepad extensions/detail/kodgendb hboaendecabighpnngpodeij.


For many web search tasks, Google search alone may not be sufficient. To obtain the latest information, a search on Twitter database is always better. If you agree with this observation, try out the Chrome extension “Google+Twitter mashup” that automatically displays Twitter search output along with Google search results.

An event reminder tool

Modern life is fast turning out to be very complex and many find it difficult to keep track of the tasks to be performed each day. In this mad rush, it is likely that we forget simple but important tasks. One remedy lies in taking recourse to some mechanism that alerts you on the tasks to be performed on each day. And the apt place to obtain such reminder alerts is certainly the Web browser, where most of us spend our time these days. If you agree with this observation and are on the lookout for a reminder tool, try out the Chrome extension, Remind Me khmkhldcojehlgam. And, if you are a Firefox user, check out the extension ReminderFox http://reminderfox.

Automatic web page translation

Due to the availability of different translation tools, reading a web page in an alien language is not that difficult now. But the reading process still involves 2-3 steps. For instance, if one wishes to translate a web page in Hindi to English, he/she has to go through a few steps — accessing a translation service (Google Translate for instance), pasting the link on to its input box and the like. Now, a Windows user can avoid those mundane steps by adopting the latest beta version of Chrome When you are on an alien language web page, Chrome will automatically sense it and ask you if you wish to view the page in the browser's default language.

By pressing the relevant button, you will be able to see the web page text in your preferred language.

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