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Emotional and spiritual enlightenment is a necessary need in the difficult times we live in. But because it is in such demand today, there is also a vast scope for exploitation… »
You may baulk at approaching a therapist to set your marriage on the right path. But in these changing times it is a necessity, not a taboo… »
When it comes to love, Indians have always played it safe…Welcome to the world of arranged love. »
Friendships play a more important role today, even as family support systems are weakening… »
As more and more women enter professional fields, there is a vital need for more gender sensitisation programmes... »
Inter-personal conflicts are good occasions to introspect on contradictions in one's own stances and attitudes… »
Men who have a well-defined sense of personal identity have no problems appreciating or enjoying their wives’ success. »
Today's children inhabit a different world and if things seem to go wrong, more often the trouble is with the parents' expectations… »
As the century turned, so did our lives... it has been a decade of frenetic change. »
Relationships between children in a family are not a given. They need to be worked on… »
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