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One of the more interesting aspects of being a columnist is the interaction it enables with different types of readers… »
In a society where marriage is still considered a sacrament, it is always the other partner who is held responsible for a divorce… »
When one's sense of belonging, to the country, group or even something as ‘harmless' as music, becomes irrational, the danger of chauvinism becomes very real… »
The human emotional need for a hero is a ubiquitous one and can often bring out the best in people… »
In a family-centric country like ours, we cannot write off the joint family yet. It will likely reinvent itself in a more flexible form… »
Beyond functional stability, a marriage needs intimacy to survive the years meaningfully. »
The term is delightfully banal and most of us use it without understanding its full implications. A trip down ego lane… »
Some ways in which the perpetually-in-transition generation of parents can learn to let go off their children as they get older and more independent… »
A different sexual orientation is not a sign of mental illness and the Rainbow Pride Parade is a way for the LGBT community to show that they are what they are ... »
Divorce can be tough on the kids but is holding on resentfully to an unhappy marriage just for the sake of the children the only other option? »
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