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We need to avoid knee-jerk reactions to the school teacher murder and initiate organic changes in parenting and education. »
When parents enjoy parenting, they ensure happy years of growing up for the children. »
Even in this day and age, there is a stigma associated with seeing a shrink. »
Is our society ready for multiple partner relationships? »
Sacks' voice fails to score in this book, though his demystifying style is intact. »
The best way to survive extra-marital affairs is not to have them. »
If a woman's primary identity is derived from her motherhood, it can be difficult to let go when the children get married. »
When relationships break, confrontation will never lead to a sense of closure or healing. Introspection will… »
Like any intense experience, when love goes wrong, it can be profoundly disturbing. »
If a lot of the old marriages are stable, it is because they lack emotional investment, prioritising convenience and mutual tolerance over companionship. »
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