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When in love, we suspend rational judgement of the person, and this helps ensure that love is sustained through the years and guarantees a lasting relationship. »
Both nature and nurture create a complex template that determines who will dominate in dyadic relationships. »
If marriage is more about prioritisation, then courtship is about attention, caring and being there for each other. »
The capacity to laugh at oneself, especially when a person pokes fun at you, signals that one is emotionally secure and comfortable in one’s skin. »
Will the bill proposed to make husbands pay a salary to stay-at-home wives ensure housewives get their due recognition? »
The lack of marital status is a perfectly valid relationship status. »
Have no worries if your actions have always been louder than your words. »
THE SHRINKING UNIVERSE They don’t spare a moment to defend Indian culture, but instead live it. Here’s a generation to watch out for. »
Why we dread these four words in the context of a relationship and ways to overcome that feeling. »
THE SHRINKING UNIVERSE Sometimes intuition can be a better guide than logic when it comes to choosing life partners. »
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