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While the dynamics of Indian marriages have changed dramatically over the decades, have the families involved adapted effectively enough? »
Convert your emotional needs into wants to have a healthy relationship. »
Why can’t the person, regardless of gender, who has a better understanding of finance and economics deal with family finances instead of making money the new instrument of control? »
The psychology of an apology makes for an interesting study. »
Stereotyping male and female traits is dangerous as it leads to discrimination and oppression »
Rejection happens to everyone, but the person isn’t being rejected as a whole. »
Guilt and shame, inevitable human emotions that usually serve a constructive purpose, can sometimes assume pathological proportions. »
An independent all-woman criminal justice system for acts of violence against women would stand a better chance of enabling equitable justice than one dominated by patriarchal insensitivity. »
Conscious awareness of death drives us to fear it and avoid it, which is how we fall prey to superstitions and doomsday predictions. »
In any close relationship it is vital that while accommodating each other, you don’t bend over backwards, for that will only break your back. »
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