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Why do even ‘liberal' parents sometimes find it difficult to accept that their children may not want to get married at all? »
Adult survivors of child sexual abuse can overcome the trauma with help. »
Shakespeare’s famous Moor (the one that loved ‘not wisely, but too well’) could at least blame the machinations of the malevolent Iago for his obsessional suspicion of the fair an... »
Violence has no place in a partnership of equals… »
Writing in The Hindu in 2001, I had concluded a piece titled, ‘Who, me? An addict?’ by saying that many of us were “addicts waiting to happen.” The main thesis of the... »
The theory of multiple intelligences opens the way for the belief that we may all be equally intelligent in different ways… Gardener’s theory sounds very plausible, attractive... »
In the profusion of relationships that thrive today, the good old platonic one is still a viable option. One that needs a bit of work… »
The most authentic reason is that they are perfectly happy as they are, and do not feel the need to have a child… »
When an adolescent falls in love there is nothing puppy about it. Adolescent relationships give teenagers an excellent opportunity to get in touch with and refine their relationship templates. »
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