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Employing children as domestics is illegal. Yet, this is one law that is broken with impunity again and again. »
Why the recent Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill may not make much difference to a majority of rural women. »
Economic downturns impact women in more ways than they do men. Here's why. »
Come March 8, another Women's Day will get buried under marketing buzz. But it's a good time to introspect on what empowerment really means. »
A young girl gets forced into marriage every three seconds worldwide. The implications are enormous for women's rights and health issues. »
Dowry has not disappeared, just morphed. And women continue to pay the price. »
Absence of sanitation facilities, in our villages and in our schools, is a matter of national shame. »
The view that women who dressed ‘provocatively' had it coming to them is deeply ingrained in the Indian male psyche. »
A recent survey reveals that women don't feel safe anymore even in Mumbai, a city where women have been part of the public spaces for a much longer time. »
Even if elected women representatives are as bad as their male counterparts in cities, why should they be denied a role in governance? »
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