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Despite a liberal abortion law, countless poor rural women continue to die because of unsafe practices and doctors who choose to interpret the law differently. »
Women have to develop a thick skin and hit back if they are to play an effective role in Indian politics. »
It always comes as a shock to realise what good laws we have in this country and the absence of seriousness in implementing them. »
She may have a mobile phone and satellite television, but if the impoverished low-caste woman seeks justice, she will draw a blank. »
When women choose to protest, they face forms of harassment to break their spirit. »
A lesson from Kutch about empowerment. »
However imperfect, the NCW needs to be debated, not disbanded. »
THE OTHER HALF It’s easy to celebrate Mary Kom’s victory. But don’t ignore the ethnic conflicts plaguing the northeast. »
Yesterday, Guwahati. Today, Mangalore. Tomorrow, where else? »
THE OTHER HALF The sexual assault on a girl in Guwahati earlier this month raises several questions about women, the media and society. »
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