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It’s important that the Women’s Reservation Bill becomes law so that more women find a place in Parliament and in the State assemblies. »
While talking of pilgrims affected by the Uttarakhand tragedy, spare a thought for the local communities who have made the mountains their home. »
Somehow “electricity for all” still seems a distant dream. »
In the range of violent attacks against women, acid attacks are one of the most devastating. »
When it comes to women, success stories are heard more easily than the voice of those who fight the odds every day. »
Women in public life are vulnerable not just to criticism about their views but also to personal abuse. »
‘Child sexual abuse in juvenile justice institutions [in India] is rampant, systematic and has reached epidemic proportions,’ says a damning report from the Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR). »
The Mumbra building collapse highlights the ugly reality behind lofty promises of world-class housing. »
Now that India has a law to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace, will women who lodge a complaint actually get justice? »
By focusing on individuals like Irom Sharmila, the cause or reason for protest is often forgotten. In this particular case, the cause — repeal of the AFSPA — is crucial. »
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