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By focusing on individuals like Irom Sharmila, the cause or reason for protest is often forgotten. In this particular case, the cause — repeal of the AFSPA — is crucial. »
Today, the face of the afflicted farmer is almost always that of a man’s; the woman farmer has been all but forgotten. »
Introducing the death penalty for rape will create more problems than it will solve. »
Have we become a nation that takes offence too easily, and for all the wrong things? »
The issue of violence perpetrated on domestic workers, largely women, remains mostly invisible and unaddressed. »
Hope lies in the fact that even if the rulers are deaf and have lost the ability to speak words with meaning, the people have found a voice. »
This is a question more people need to talk about and not be satisfied with clichés or the usual solutions. »
Arming women with sticks may not be enough to guard the Gulabi Gang from violence, but it certainly makes an impact. »
Despite a liberal abortion law, countless poor rural women continue to die because of unsafe practices and doctors who choose to interpret the law differently. »
Women have to develop a thick skin and hit back if they are to play an effective role in Indian politics. »
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