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A project that questions concepts of masculinity is more than welcome. »
While the young journalist’s attitude to not see the assault as the end of her life is exceptional, how do we tackle the patriarchal mindset that still views women as commodities? »
While it’s exciting to watch women do well in sports, the difficulties they face in building a career are still daunting. »
The Niyamgiri tribals’ rejection of the State Government’s plans to mine the hills for bauxite should lead to a rethink on the current notions of poverty and development. »
It’s important that the Women’s Reservation Bill becomes law so that more women find a place in Parliament and in the State assemblies. »
While talking of pilgrims affected by the Uttarakhand tragedy, spare a thought for the local communities who have made the mountains their home. »
Somehow “electricity for all” still seems a distant dream. »
In the range of violent attacks against women, acid attacks are one of the most devastating. »
When it comes to women, success stories are heard more easily than the voice of those who fight the odds every day. »
Women in public life are vulnerable not just to criticism about their views but also to personal abuse. »
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