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It is 150 years since the first boat carrying Indians arrived on the shores of South Africa. How do South African Indians view themselves today? Kalpana Sharma finds out that while the older generation is torn between their multiple identities, the gen next knows where it really belongs… »
“Tell me, this man, the American President who is here, will his visit help us in India?” asked Srinivas, a driver in a private taxi service in Mumbai. Srinivas once worked in a... »
The Commonwealth Games fiasco, more than anything else, has exposed the hypocrisy of our attitudes… »
If women are getting more visibility today, it is partly because of the changes initiated by the UN conferences of the 1990s… »
Every eight minutes a woman dies in our country due to pregnancy-related complications. Why aren't we able to devise an accessible healthcare system? »
Sexual harassment seems to be an occupational hazard in our cities… So how do we make them safer for women? »
In a society like ours, is it necessary to rush through with the “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” clause without examining its impact on the vast majority of poor women? Divorce is still relatively uncommon in India compared to many other countries. The incidence of divorce is barely 1.9 per cent of registered marriages. »
Women are visible as spectators in most big sporting events but face great hurdles in their attempts to excel in sports. »
From Kashmir to Manipur, in the troubled conflict zones of our country, it is the women and children who pay the price, often a heavy one… »
They forage the city, collecting and sorting often hazardous waste when the city sleeps and by day they are gone. Most of them are women and we have no long-term policy in place that looks at their welfare or health… »
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