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The environment ultimately is about people and this must drive the negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark next month. »
In a recent television discussion on the challenge posed by the spread of Naxalism in India, several participants spoke glowingly about the strength of Indian democracy and how all Indians should c... »
Women in Kavthepiran, a village in western Maharashtra, show how it is possible for ordinary people to have a stake in electoral politics and transform public life. »
The least that we, who are served and looked after by these silent servers, can do is to acknowledge their presence? »
In spite of systemic setbacks, reservation for women is necessary because it changes long-held perceptions about them and what they can do… »
It is imperative that we are at least educated about what is happening in a State like Manipur…The first step towards engagement is information. »
Commenting on the dress sense and looks of women in power is only one aspect of the tendency to run down their success. »
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