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The sentence in the Ruchika Girhotra case is a small step in rectifying an anomaly in the law. The draft Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2010 now seeks to tighten laws dealing with sexual assault… »
Asserting one's independence in something as vital as marriage in many parts of India can end in death. That's the price of modernity. How can we still call ourselves a civilised society? »
The Sunanda episode leaves us with some hard questions, about the attitude of the media to women, about sexism and other hurdles that women face everyday at the workplace... »
What women need is basic healthcare. Not costly medical experiments involving vulnerable sections who don't know what they are getting into… »
Many have expressed their opposition to the Women's Reservation Bill. Only Mulayam Singh Yadav has been honest enough to say what he really thinks… »
Why is it that the burden of name change is laid on the shoulders of women alone, when they get married or divorced? »
Why is it that non-issues like the controversy over ‘My Name is Khan' get the attention of the media and the people while real issues affecting millions never see the light of debate? »
The Annual Status of Education Report, 2009, is out…pointing out yet again that what stands between rural girls and a good education is often basic facilities like transport and proper toilets… »
Can we look forward to development in 2010 that will not make the poor in the country poorer? »
The environment ultimately is about people and this must drive the negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark next month. »
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