Posts on science, its history and philosophy, and why these things matter. Named for the 16th century Polish astronomer who dislodged Earth from the centre of the universe.
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September 8, 2013

What was it that made Ian Bell, Jonathan Trott and Michael Clarke stand out during the recently concluded Ashes 2013? A researcher uses complex network analysis to find the answer. »

September 2, 2013

As debate surrounding the BRAI Bill heats up, the American MNC Monsanto, Inc. has been polarising viewpoints to the detriment of Indian GM research. »

August 27, 2013

You’d think that by now natural selection would have gotten rid of trouble-making genes, right? Unless, of course, the trouble-makers aren’t all that bad after all. »

August 22, 2013

Despite having been around for 12 years, and being planned for over two decades, ISRO's GSLV program is still to be considered fledgling. »

August 18, 2013

The human foot isn’t as stiff as originally thought. In fact, many of its features have been found to be common to the great apes as a whole. »

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