Posts on science, its history and philosophy, and why these things matter. Named for the 16th century Polish astronomer who dislodged Earth from the centre of the universe.
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March 8, 2013

A simplified account of the birth of the Higgs boson in a very young, very hot (but rapidly cooling), very chaotic universe »

March 5, 2013

A remarkable case opens a new line of investigation in tackling AIDS infections. A guest post by Akshat Rathi »

March 1, 2013

Data from NASA's NuSTAR space-telescope reveals that X-rays from accretion discs around black holes are not distorted by gas clouds but by a force much more powerful. »

February 28, 2013

Just crunching the numbers from the 2013-2014 Union Budget from the perspective of science and technology research in the country... »

February 26, 2013

For all the sophistication astrometry boasts, measuring the mass of a black hole is still tricky business. This isn't to mention as-yet inexplicable phenomena like feedback due to the M-sigma relation and dark matter. »

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