The Gold chase

After the fall, it is time for gold rush

WGC data show that gold investment in bars, coins and exchange-traded products have dropped »

Tariff value of gold cut further

Two days after a downward revision in the tariff value of bullion in view of the slump in global prices, the government, on Thursday, sla...»

Gold rebounds from 20-month low on fresh buying

Snapping a four-day losing streak, gold prices rebounded on Thursday by gaining Rs. 250 to Rs. 26,600 per 10 grams in the national capit...»

Buyers bruised, but hopeful

Consumers seem to be resilient to the impact of volatile gold prices. Jewellery stores across Tamil Nadu have witnessed a sharp rise in p...»

In Dubai, the allure turns stronger

The sharp drop in gold prices is driving consumers in droves to outlets selling the yellow metal in Dubai and Sharjah. The majority of s...»

Reaching for the Stars: The Incredible Rise of Arvind Kejriwal

Five years ago, Arvind Kejriwal was far from being the man of the masses he is today. He abhorred politics and politicians and was in no quandary about enlisting the right wing in his anti-corruption fight. From that to his emergence as a natural leader of the poor and minorities is a riveting story, as riven with contradictions as it is full of surprises. The Hindu Centre's Senior Fellow Vidya Subrahmaniam, traces his rise from activism to political stardom. Read more. »

Inserting Hindutva in Nagaland
The Hindu Centre’s latest policy report examines the working of internal democracy in the Congress and the BJP.Read more. »

A look at what happened on today's date from our archives of 1965. For the first time in its history, the famous Jog Falls in Karnataka have gone "dry".

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