Governance 2.0

Governance 2.0

There is no Lokpal yet, but the Centre’s Grievance Redressal Bill promises to cut through bureaucracy and corruption that plague government »

‘This legislation can be transformative’

For Anjali Bhardwaj and her colleagues at the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI), the Cabinet nod to The...»

In slow motion

Accessing key civic services such as planning permission and building approval in Chennai is an obstacle course. The Citizens’ Charter of...»

Speed money helps in Nepal

Rain or shine, the western gate of what used to be the Royal Palace is a crowded place. After the country became a republic in 2008, part...»

Ethiopia’s law is failed by lack of spirit

While India’s Grievance Redressal Bill was forged in the fire of public protest, Ethiopia chose to incorporate anti-corruption provisions...»

New Public Policy Scholars​

The Hindu Centre is pleased to welcome its new Public Policy Scholars, Deya Bhattacharya, Sumit Chaturvedi, Nandini Dubey, Vanya Mehta, Bharti Mishra Nath and Rajesh Kumar Rai. Click here to read more on the Scholars and their proposed research over the next four months.​Read more »

In the 16th Lok Sabha Election 2014, West Bengal has witnessed some interesting trends. Apart from the debacle of the Left and the ascendance of the Trinamool Congress (AITC), the other somewhat s... »