Kashmiri Pandits exodus

When the water in the spring turned black

The exodus of Pandits from the Valley is an aspect of the Kashmir conflict that has received scant attention. In a book just released, Rahul »

From the Valley, a selective remembrance of things past

Kashmiri Brahmins are a distinct, ethno-cultural entity — a tiny minority from a Muslim-majority valley now living in “exile” across Ind...»

Rahul Pandita responds:

Mr. Magazine was not in Kashmir in January 1990. If he had been present, he would have been awake on the night of January 19, holding a...»

Polls in the Time of Terror

Will last week's terror strike in Jammu and Kashmir affect the next remaining three phases of elections? Vasundhara Sirnate, Chief Co-ordinator, Research, The Hindu Centre, and Sheikh Saleem, a Kashmiri journalist, provide insights. Read more. »

'I am trying to learn the art and craft of politics' − Ram Madhav
Interview with Ram Madhav, general secretary, Bharatiya Janata PartyRead more. »