National Water policy

As storage in dams dips, Centre rings alarm bells

States advised to give preference to drinking water and irrigation and enhance groundwater use. »

Turning off the tap on water as a human right

The new draft National Water Policy (NWP) circulated by the Ministry of Water Resources to water experts suggests that the government is...»

Leave polemics out of the water policy

Process matters, not only in making public policy but also in doing research that informs policy debates. The article by Shiney Varghese...»

Shiney Verghese responds

Mr. Ghosh's letter is extremely welcome. To deal first with “the substance,” I am glad that Mr. Ghosh has emphasised that CEEW's “resear...»

Public Health Policies and the Tobacco Industry

A law making it mandatory for health warnings to cover 85 per cent of the total display area on packages of tobacco products was put on hold in March, five days before it was to take effect. In this article, Aparna Ravi calls for the implementation of internationally accepted guidelines to protect public health policies from being influenced by the vested interests of the tobacco industry by taking proactive measures to address conflicts of interest. Read more. »

The then Pakistan President Ayub Khan said in a broadcast that India’s "threats against Pakistan" could lead to "general and total war".

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