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Growth back on agenda, says Sanjiv Goenka

The budget has put growth back on the agenda, Sanjiv Goenka, chairman of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, said on Thursday. He pointed...»

Push for retail investment in financial assets

FIIs can use their huge investments in corporate bonds and government securities to hedge the risks »

Managing tough times in a deft manner

The Budget seeks to revive the growth momentum in the economy with a focus on infrastructure development, agriculture & rural economy an »

A modest exercise

The common man is given very little concession by way of direct taxes »

A neat job in a tight context

A fine balance is sought to be struck between the twin imperatives of growth and fiscal soundness »

Good economics makes for good politics

The Union Budget 2013-14 is realistic, shorn of fanfare and attuned to the harsh global and domestic economic realities. The backdrop rem...»

A missed opportunity: Shankar Bala

As the countdown ended and the curtains were drawn on the budget announcement, there was an unmistakable feeling of the lost opportunity...»

Welcome focus on fiscal consolidation: Adi Godrej

It is important for us to stay on the path of fiscal consolidation to reap the benefits of better growth prospects. »

Cautious approach

“Status Quo” is sometimes the best form of “change”. It is said that a budget exercise before an election is similar to a tightrope walk...»

Farm sector not addressed holistically

There has not been any big imposts or levies that could be called burdensome or pain on any one specific segment. »

Chidambaram does a balancing act: Venkataramanan

The Finance Minister has taken a practical approach to the budget, given the macro-economic conditions and various other constraints that...»

Public Health Policies and the Tobacco Industry

A law making it mandatory for health warnings to cover 85 per cent of the total display area on packages of tobacco products was put on hold in March, five days before it was to take effect. In this article, Aparna Ravi calls for the implementation of internationally accepted guidelines to protect public health policies from being influenced by the vested interests of the tobacco industry by taking proactive measures to address conflicts of interest. Read more. »

The then Pakistan President Ayub Khan said in a broadcast that India’s "threats against Pakistan" could lead to "general and total war".

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