In the graphic accompanying the article, Turning out to be rocket science (August 19, 2013, OP-ED page) the flight designation for the GSLV launched on December 25, 2010 was given as D4. Actually, it was GSLV-F06 ( ). Also, it was not the first flight of the GSLV Mk-I, as stated in the graphic.

The second paragraph of the article, Blowin’ in the wind (August 19, 2013, some editions), read: A few months later, on August 31, 1948, the satyagrahi [Mahatma Gandhi] who fought a battle against religious animosity in the air was assassinated.” It should have been January 30, 1948.

A sentence in the report, In Gujarat, the PDS is exclusionary & leaky (August 17, 2013) read: “In contrast, the National Food Security Bill will provide all 5 kg of wheat at Rs. 2 per family member and all 5 kg of wheat at Rs. 3 per kg, according to the draft Bill." It should have been 5 kg of wheat at Rs. 2 per kg per family member and 5 kg of rice at Rs. 3 per kg per family member.

A sentence in In Chennai, more takers for smaller apartment complexes (August 16, 2013, some editions) read: “Special buildings that have four floors and around 300 flats take at least three years for completion and multi-storey buildings take up to five years. People who don’t want to wait for long to take possession of houses opt for such property, the construction of which is also 15 per cent,” he said.” It should have been 15 per cent cheaper.

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