>> An entry in the graphic that accompanied the report, “No nuclear liability agreement yet” (Oct. 21, 2013), read: Agreement allows Indians convicted in Russia to serve out their sentences in Russia and vice versa. It should have been India and vice versa.

>> In “Deputy NSA questions U.S. control over critical Net resources” (Oct. 18, 2013), the full form of ICANN was given as International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It should have been Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

>> An answer in the Question Corner (Science & Tech page, Oct. 17, 2013) read: “… whenever a body is negotiating a curved path, an outward horizontal force known as centripetal force acts on the body.” A reader wrote to say that “the force acting in the outward direction is called centrifugal force and not centripetal force. Centripetal force is the inward force that causes the curved motion.”

The Science Editor’s response: “The reader is right.”

>> “The battle of the 64 squares over the years” (Sport, Oct. 20, 2013) wrongly said in 1972, Bobby Fischer forfeited the match to Anatoly Karpov. Actually, Bobby Fischer won the world chess championship in 1972 but forfeited his title in 1975.

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