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>> A sentence in “Amend IPC for life term till death sans remission for heinous crimes, says Supreme Court” (Sept 28, 2013), read: “The Bench said though it was a planned crime, nine years ha... »
A sentence in the editorial, “Not above the law” (Sept. 26, 2013) read thus: “The disqualification... »
>> The caption of the photograph that accompanied the story, Help arrives in uniform»
“Japan, not Coalgate, on his mind” (Interview with Ashwani Kumar, Special Envoy to Japan, Sept. 19, 2013) appeared in the Op-Ed page as well as the Periscope supplement in some editions.A se... »
>>“Differences persist over Syria” (Sept. 18, 2013, International page) erroneously described Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the President of Turkey. It should have been Prime Minister.>&g... »
>>A sentence in the third paragraph of “The bandwagon effect” (From The Readers’ Editor column, Sept. 16, 2013), read: “But, a substantial … election is for 534 different constituencies, ...”... »
>>In “Rahul flags welfare schemes to counter Modi” (Sept. 12, 2013), the reference in the first paragraph to Kerwa forest is wrong. It should have been Kewra forest. Actually, Kerwa forest is... »
>>A sentence in the first paragraph of “The dental factor in elephant evolution” (Science & Tech page, Sept. 5, 2013) read: C3 and C4 are isotopes of carbon. Actually, they are not isotop... »
The penultimate sentence in the Business page report, “Micros... »
A sentence in the Business page report, “»
Pages: «  ‹  10  11    ›  »