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I am grateful to the number of readers who had responded to my last column, “The adjective filter” (September 30, 2013). The opinions were varied, and their import differed but there was one commo... »
One of the most difficult tasks before a reporter is to ruthlessly separate news and opinion. The editorial code of this paper says that “The Hindu shall, as a rule, maintain a clear distin... »
The spectre of communal violence is both a tragedy and a challenge for good journalism. How to report the violence? How to bring out the sense of pain and loss of innocent men, women and children... »
The fact that my first anniversary column as a Readers’ Editor coincides with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) official declaration of Mr. Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate gives... »
Much has been written about the watchdog role of the media. But, there is hardly any rigorous study about the relationship between the state of the economy and the state of the media. India is slo... »
How does one describe and make sense of a newspaper like The Hindu, which will be 135 years old three weeks from now? Is there a single term to capture its range and its reach? I think the... »
The recent developments in the United States and the United Kingdom have ramifications beyond the conventional Western world. The democratic deficit in these two major nations, especially in deali... »
Independence Day is an ideal time to look at the state of affairs of both the Indian state and media. While the former represents the institutional framework to fulfil people’s aspirations, the la... »
Nothing helps to push borders and expand possibilities of good journalism than a good debate based on principles and practices. Last month, I raised a number of issues pertaining to overdependence... »
I am on the board of the Organisation of News Ombudsmen (ONO), a global body that represents news ombudsmen, public editors, reader representatives, academics and others involved in creating and u... »
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