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The recent developments in the United States and the United Kingdom have ramifications beyond the conventional Western world. The democratic deficit in these two major nations, especially in deali... »
Independence Day is an ideal time to look at the state of affairs of both the Indian state and media. While the former represents the institutional framework to fulfil people’s aspirations, the la... »
Nothing helps to push borders and expand possibilities of good journalism than a good debate based on principles and practices. Last month, I raised a number of issues pertaining to overdependence... »
I am on the board of the Organisation of News Ombudsmen (ONO), a global body that represents news ombudsmen, public editors, reader representatives, academics and others involved in creating and u... »
The main role of the Readers’ Editor is to listen attentively to readers’ complaints. It is a self-regulatory mechanism to redress, to rectify errors and to ensure accuracy and fairness. Fairness... »
The daily newspaper is a complex product, and to understand its governing dynamics, I dip into the combined wisdom of Ernest Hemingway, Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Milan Kundera, Sa... »
I was a member of the team of journalists which looked at the developments in Afghanistan from a trilateral perspective since the United States launched its war on terror. We believe that the impl... »
I never imagined that redesigning of a newspaper would take me straight to Italian scholar Antonio Gramsci and his arguments against ‘common sense’. For Gramsci, common sense was not a single uniq... »
One of the bad practices that affects the quality of journalism is the over reliance on anonymous sources for even a simple, straightforward story. This notorious practice is on the rise, undermin... »
In the early 1980s, I did a series of interviews with writers. It was an interesting exercise in more than one sense. Apart from their writing techniques and their literary preoccupations, some of... »
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