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The year 2009 was a defining 12 months for Indian journalism in more than one sense. While the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) returned to power with an increased majority, it started to lose it... »
One of the biggest incentives of being a Readers’ Editor (RE) is the chance it affords me to think about the process of news making in its entirety, on a regular basis. As a reporter and later as a... »
Jeffrey Dvorkin, the former executive director of the Organization of News Ombudsmen, has written a valuable user’s guide, The Modern News Ombudsman. He has cited instances where an ombudsm... »
One of the frequent questions I encounter is whether I miss reporting momentous events and whether ombudsmanship can be a substitute for the excitement of being a live wire reporter. The joy of r... »
This column was written on Saturday, September 20, 2014, when The Hindu turned 136. It is a long and eventful journey for this legacy newspaper. It recognises that journalism is a dynamic pr... »
There are moments when the use of a particular image triggers a debate. Readers question the appropriateness of the photograph. The world of journalism was in a state of dilemma when the images of... »
One of the tasks I perform as the Readers’ Editor is to follow what Walter Lippmann prescribed in his 1920 classic, Liberty and the News: to share news about the news-making process. He wro... »
Milestones are evaluator markers to look back in order to look forward. They not only help us to learn from past mistakes, but also reiterate the positives that have contributed in realising our go... »
Journalistic platforms have undergone a profound change. They are no longer the carrier of words from professional journalists alone. They have become a site for readers to respond, comment, disse... »
To me, and to many in the media, Independence Day celebrations 2014 gave way to mourning when we heard that Bala Kailasam died after being in the hospital for three weeks. »
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