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Whenever I tried to dwell upon what was happening to the media in the United States and Western Europe, some readers wondered how relevant it was to the Indian media experience. The history of Ind... »
Justice Katju has once again stirred up a hornet’s nest — this time by suggesting a minimum academic requisite for journalists. Somewhere he fails to understand that the unintended consequences of... »
There is a spike in the mails since the re-election of Narendra Modi and his supporters pitching him for the primeministership. At some level, all these letters share the opinion that one who has... »
There seems to be a tectonic shift in the global media scene. After providing the leadership for nearly three centuries, the legacy media in the United States is slowly ceding the ground to the med... »
One of the interesting features of this newspaper is its conscious attempt to look at the past. Major political and social events are recounted in the section titled “This Day That Age”. On the sp... »
The state machinery never ceases to astonish me. It refuses to learn from past mistakes and takes pride in repeating them, where the effect is never a farce but always a tragedy. Among the multipl... »
The proliferation of digital platforms is posing a major challenge to the print media today to be relevant, interesting and true to its core values and cardinal principles. This challenge sometime... »
Some readers feel that I jumped the gun and celebrated freedom, and failed to anticipate what happened to academician Ashish Nandy in Jaipur, filmmaker Kamal Haasan in Tamil Nadu and writer Salman... »
One of the writers to the Readers’ Editor, Alan Herbert from Auroville, recently commented that my columns have “a tendency to generalise, to favour the general over the particular and to inhabit... »
In September 2012, when I was appointed as the Readers’ Editor I made a solemn promise to the readers that “I will strive to do my best to be an effective interface between The Hindu’s... »
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