SRI. T.K.JAGADEESH, Advocate, Management Consultant, Labour Advisor, Past President of NIPM, Author, a Pillar of the Kolkata social and cultural circles for over 50 years & Freedom Fighter passed away on 28.10.2012 after a distinguished life. Deeply mourned by Chandramohan, Rathika, Chitralekha, Bhaskar and grandchildren Siddharth, Angana, Prashant, Dhruva and Dhanya.

JAYALAKSHMI (89) Wife of (Late.R.K.Srinivasan) Retd, S.E. TNEB, expired at Coimbatore, on 01.11.2012 deeply mourned by Daughters, Vasanthagopalan, & Lakshmi Sethuraman. Ph: 04222431607

Sri T.L.NARAYANASWAMY CHOWDHRY(95years) Agriculturist&Freedom Fighter Rajakoil Village Gudiyatham passed away on 02-11-2012 at 7-35am.Funeral on Saturday 03-11-2012 at 3 pm

Mr. A. Verbina Samuel passed away on 01.11.2012. Mobile: 89399-39905.

Mr. B.J.W. Pushparaj passed away on 31.10.2012.

Dr. E. Narahari Reddy, S/o. Mr. E. Seetharama Reddy (President – Telugu Mahajana Samajam) passed away on 22.10.2012. Phone: 080-2361 5038 / Mobile: 98840-21124.

Mr. T.L. Narayanaswamy Chowdhry, Agriculturist & Freedom Fighter, Gudiyatham, Vellore District passed away on 02.11.2012.

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