Maldivian President Mohamed Waheed cautioned foreign governments against issuing “irresponsible statements,” and asserted here on Wednesday that “the Maldives is capable of managing the dispute over the conduct of the first round of Presidential Elections.”

In a statement here, which obliquely attacked India, he demanded that “foreign governments, the United Nations, and the Commonwealth to show responsibility and to refrain from issuing statements commenting on, and speculating about, the on-going court case.”

India and the Commonwealth had come out with strong statements against the decision to postpone the second round of Presidential elections, in which Maldivian Democratic Party leader Mohamed Nasheed is pitted against Progressive Party of Maldives leader Yaameen Abdulla. Dr.Waheed has already promised support to Yaameen.

“Irresponsible statements by foreign governments and international organisations would not be helpful in consolidating democracy in the country,” he said. “The Maldives is a nascent democracy. Still, our statutory institutions, including the judiciary, have shown that they are capable of making sound and impartial decisions on some of the most complex issues of national importance. Similarly, the people of the Maldives have also shown that they do accept the legitimacy of such decisions,” he added.

Meanwhile in a statement, the Maldives Foreign Ministry said that the Supreme Court, in its ruling highlighted the ongoing proceedings regarding alleged discrepancies in the election process, issues raised about the credibility of the electoral list and request for postponement of the Presidential runoff till there is a verdict on the case.

“The court injunction is aimed at finding time for the court to complete its hearings on the case.

“However, the Government is keen that there is an early resolution of the case and a date for the second round of Election is issued by the concerned authorities. The Government also urges all political parties to maintain peace and calm in the country and refrain from inciting any form of violence aimed at disrupting public order,” it added.