India will be able to address its current disputes to its own democratic system

Veteran U.S. Senator John McCain on Thursday refuted the allegation by Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi that the U.S. was behind social activist Anna Hazare's agitation by observing that “the U.S. does not involve itself in what is taking place in the world's largest democracy and neither has it any such intention.”

The Congress spokesperson was entitled to his opinion and views but the “fact is” that the U.S. had not involved itself with what was taking place here.

He described Indian democracy as “strong and successful” which would be able to address the current domestic “disputes and conflicts” because the ongoing protest in several urban centres was an expression of a democratic system.

“India has a strong and successful democracy which ensures the rights of its citizens. So, I am confident that India will be able to address its current conflicts and disputes to its own democratic system,” he told journalists, after wrapping up his visit to several Indian cities on an initiative by Indian officials.

“If I want to be critical of the political scene in India, I might be questioned about Washington DC,'' he observed, while describing the protests as part of the democratic process which were unlike those in some Arab countries where citizens were “wiped out in the most terrible fashion.”

His itinerary included Jammu & Kashmir. Mr. McCain said he came away with the impression that the security situation had improved and there was progress in the lives of people.

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