For the United Nations to be an effective organisation, it is important for the U.S. to have close dialogue and cooperation with emerging countries like India and China, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said.

“We know that the United States is the single most important and most powerful country in the world. But reality is that there are many emergent countries like China, and India, and even my home country South Korea,” Mr. Moon said.

“They are all making remarkable economic and democratic progress. Therefore it is very important for the United States as one of the most important member states of the United Nations to have a very close dialogue and close corporation with countries like China and India,” the UN Secretary General told ‘Bloomberg TV

Maintaining that the U.S. is the most important partner of the United Nations, he said, therefore, it has been his policy to have a very close relationship and cooperation with United State, the host country.

“I have been working with both Republican and Democratic Congress... I will continue my cooperative relationship with them,” he said.

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