BJP alleged that the UPA government’s “lack of clarity” in dealing with Maoist threats has resulted in inefficient functioning of police and paramilitary forces.

“Maoists are spreading networks, taking advantage of lack of development, lack of clarity, coordination and swift response from the government, contradictory statements from responsible persons in power and provision of inadequate equipment to forces, resulting in affected states being at the receiving end,” BJP national Secretary Muralidhar Rao told reporters.

Accusing the UPA government of being soft to threats posed by terrorism, he charged the UPA with “viewing the menace through the prism of religion.”

“The Congress’ keenness to run a coalition government as part of retaining power at any cost is the hallmark of the UPA-II government,” he alleged.

He claimed lack of clarity within the Manmohan Singh Ministry had paved the way for lacklustre performance of the UPA-II government during its one year rule.

“The government has miserably failed to address the burning price rise issue. No positive signals have come from the agriculture sector, on which a sizable section of the population depends,” he said.

The UPA government may claim to have achieve growth at a moderately high rate even during global recession. But ever rising inflation, especially in the food sector, has totally eroded faith of the poor, Rao, who was here to attend a party function, said.

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