The Uttar Pradesh government has launched three schemes for construction workers, including a maternity benefit plan under which a woman will get Rs. 3000.

A compensation of Rs. 40,000 will be given to registered construction workers in case of accidents leading to permanent disability or death, according to a statement released by the office of Labour Commissioner recently.

Under this accident aid scheme, registered construction workers or their family will get Rs. 20,000 in case of partial disability. This amount will be apart from the aid given under Workers Compensation Act and Workers State Insurance Scheme.

The government has also launched a maternity benefit scheme for women labourers and an infant benefit scheme for the registered labourers, it said.

All women labourers registered as beneficiary can avail the benefits of maternity benefit scheme under which Rs. 3000 will be given on producing the delivery certificate.

Under the infant benefit scheme, a woman will get Rs. 4000 in case of birth of a girl child and Rs. 3000 for a boy.

The benefits are limited for up to two children and the aid will be given as a one-time amount for two years.

The labourers can apply for these schemes by filling the application forms available in the district labour, block development and tehsil offices.

The Labour Commissioner said all construction workers should get themselves registered to benefit from these schemes.