Two tigresses that had been straying into villages in the Sunderbans, were found caught in traps laid for them by officials of the West Bengal Forest department on Tuesday morning.

They are both adult tigresses, said Richa Dwivedi, deputy field director of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve. “One of them was caught at Teerkhali and the other at Panchmukhani,” she added.

“We have reports that one of them is a tigress whom we had caught earlier this year and released at the Bagmara Forests,” Ms. Dwivedi said.

Officials will be able to confirm with the help of the microchip that is being inserted in the tail of every tiger that is being caught since the beginning of the year, she said.

“The tigress had been troubling us for over a week and had made off with several cattle and goat from the village,” said Jamini Mondal an inhabitant of Anpur village. Villagers allege that they have spotted the ear tag that officials of the Forest Department have started placing on captured tigers.

Atanu Raha, the State’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forests had earlier commented that it had been noticed that these incidents have occurred in areas where embankments were breached. “It is possible that tigers are becoming disoriented in the forest areas that lie inundated and are drifting towards villages,” Mr. Raha said.