Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy said in a statement that “the discovery of a mobile phone with a GPRS global roaming SIM card in Rajiv Gandhi's assassination conspirator Ms. Nalini's prison cell in the high security Vellore jail indicates the porous and tattered state of India's anti-terror security infrastructure.”

He demanded a full CBI inquiry into the discovery, and making public the telephone records of all calls made to and from this mobile phone, the owner of the SIM card, and the jail authorities' alleged connivance in it.

“India,” observed Dr. Swamy in his statement, “has suffered at the hands of the terrorists because those highly placed in Indian public life have been politically promiscuous in relating to terrorists. Nalini, Prabakaran's mother, etc. are all part of the rump LTTE plot to re-group in India. Hence, it is time to crack down on all these anti-national activities.”

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Nalini made calls to London, Sri LankaApril 23, 2010