The strength of the minority MLAs in the Jharkhand Assembly has more than doubled.

In the last Assembly there were two minority MLAs, but this time five minority MLA have been elected to the Assembly.

The minority MLAs who have been newly elected to the House are Akil Akhtar, Haji Hussain Ansari, Nizamuddin Ansari, Sarfraz Ahmed and Manna Malik.

Akil Akhtar of the JMM defeated the Jharkhand Assembly Speaker Alamgir Alam of the Congress from the Pakur seat by 5676 votes.

The second minority MLA in the new House is Hussain Ansari of the JMM who defeated Shiv Dutt Sharma of the JVM(P) by 20,468 votes in the Madhupur Assembly seat.

Nizamuddin Ansari of the JVM(P) is the third minority MLA elected to the new House. Ansari defeated Raj Kumar Yadav of the CPI(ML-L) by 4973 votes from the Dhanwar seat.

The fourth minority MLA elected to the Jharkhand assembly is Sarfraz Ahmed of the Congress who defeated sitting JMM MLA Salkhan Murmu by 8455 votes from the Gandey seat.

Mannan Malik of the Congress is the fifth and last minority MLA elected to the House. Malik defeated Rajkumar Singh of the BJP by just 890 votes from the Dhanbad seat.

In the last Assembly the two minority MLAs were Alamgir Alam and Izrail Ansari.

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