Congress will remain part of the all-party Joint Action Committee (JAC), formed to spearhead the agitation for a separate Telangana state, senior party MLA R. Damodar Reddy said here on Friday.

“We have kept aside our ‘zhendas’ (flags) and joined hands for one agenda, that is the formation of Telangana. We will remain part of the JAC,” he said.

Damodar Reddy’s assertion came in the wake of reports that the Congress would chart out its own course of action on the Telangana issue.

Congress decided to form a Political Action Committee on Telangana and also stayed away from the JAC meeting on Thursday which led to the impression that the party was moving away from the JAC.

The ruling party also shot off a letter to the JAC convener on Thursday on ways to improve the functioning of the Committee.

Damodar Reddy admitted on Friday that his party faced some problems in the JAC but expressed confidence that they would be sorted out amicably.

JAC convener C. Kodandaram also said the Committee remained united and that the suggestions of Congress have been accepted.

The suggestions of Congress are technical in nature and they include setting up an office for JAC among others, he said.