A six-year-old Indian-origin girl's name figures on the U.S. terror watch list and the Homeland Security Department has refused to make any changes in her status.

Alyssa was barred from flying in the U.S. after her name popped up on Homeland Security Department's terror watch list when the Ohio-based family tried to board a flight from Cleveland to Minneapolis recently.

“We were, like, puzzled; I'm like, well, she's six years old and this is not something that should be typical,” said the girl's father Santhosh Thomas, according to a local Fox TV affiliate.

A ticket agent informed Dr. Thomas that his daughter Alyssa's name was on the watch list.

The parents contacted Homeland Security, but were told no changes would be made to the list, media reports said.

Alyssa was allowed to fly, after going through extra security check. “The watch lists are an important layer of security to prevent individuals with known or suspected ties to terrorism from flying,” a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration told Fox News.