India will place the Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant’s Units 3 and 4 in Rawatbhata under the India Specific Safeguards Agreement (ISSA) of the International Atomic Energy Agency, in accordance with the separation plan of Indo-US civilian nuclear deal.

“In 2010, the two units of Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant (RAPP) at Rawatbhata will be placed under ISSA and the process has already begun,” Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Limited (NPCIL) officials said.

IAEA officials would visit the sites to make appropriate arrangements for monitoring and enabling units 3 and 4 to come under the nuclear watchdog’s safeguards, officials said.

India has to place a total of 14 of its nuclear reactors under the IAEA safeguards, out of which eight - including units 5 and 6 of RAPP - are already under international safeguards since last year.

Tarapur Atomic Power station units 1 and 2, RAPP units 1 and 2 and Kudankulam Atomic Power station Units 1 and 2, were also brought under the umbrella agreement of ISSA last year.

The process of placing all the 14 reactors under ISSA will be completed in 2014, the officials said.

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