These are just charges and allegations, let the trial be held: secretary

A day after the Principal and three teachers of the La Martiniere for Boys School here were arrested after police investigations into a student's suicide, the Board of Governors of the school held a meeting where it was decided that the accused would continue to hold their posts.

“Decision unanimous”

“It was unanimously decided at the meeting that they shall continue to hold their posts and continue with their duties. Currently, these are just charges and allegations; let the trial be held,” said Supriyo Dhar, secretary to the Board of Governors of La Martiniere.

Principal Sunirmal Chakravarthi was also present at the meeting, Mr. Dhar said.

Nearly eight months after a class VII student committed suicide — and four months after his father filed a complaint alleging that corporal punishment had driven his son to take his life — Mr. Chakravarthi and three teachers were arrested on Monday.

Although they were charged with offences under the Juvenile Justice Act, 1986, and the Indian Penal Code, 1860, none of them was charged under Section 305 of the IPC (related to abetment to suicide of a child or insane person) as the police were unable to establish the charge. They were released on bail.

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