To reach out to the public with ease, Chennai City police has inaugurated four new booths in Mandaiveli, Kamarajar Salai and Royapettah in the East Zone, recently .

To reach out to the public with ease, Chennai City police has inaugurated four new booths in the East Zone recently. All of them were inaugurated on June 28 at various places in Mandaiveli, Kamarajar Salai and Royapettah by the East Chennai Joint Commissioner of Police, S.N. Seshasai.

The one on West Cott Road, Royapettah, is situated opposite to the Express Avenue. As the road has been made a one-way, a huge volume of traffic flows through it and there is a rising need to monitor the vehicles traversing the stretch. “There was a need to put up a booth at this particular junction as the mall attracts a huge crowd every day and one has to keep vigil to prevent crime and theft in the vicinity,” said Mr. Seshasai. As the facility is attached to the D-2 Anna Salai Police Station, people need not go all the way to lodge a complaint. In the case of an emergency, the complaint can be handed over to the beat officer of the area in the booth.

Cameras will be installed in such a way that traffic on Whites Road, West Cott Road and G. P. Road will be monitored by personnel inside the booth. “This is a long-felt need of the Triplicane Traders Association who have also sponsored the facility,” said the Joint Commissioner.

West Circular Road, a tranquil area in Mandaiveli, has now come under heavy surveillance of the Foreshore Estate police. The booth, newly inaugurated on this street, will ensure effective patrolling and crime prevention in the desolate streets. “Regular vehicle checking will be done here. Police personnel who will man the booth most of the time will be receptive to the residents’ woes,” said the Joint Commissioner. Attached to the E-5 Foreshore Estate Police station, it will also be helpful to bring down crime in the area.

Jeth Nagar

Another booth has come up inaugurated on the same day is the one at Jeth Nagar, Mandaiveli. Located close to the Mandaiveli MRTS railway station, it is attached to E-4 Abhiramapuram police station. CCTV cameras will be fitted shortly to aid crime prevention. “As many as 13 streets come under the surveillance of this booth. We have about 87 registered senior citizens in the area who will be monitored by the personnel who will be working in three shifts at the booth,” said Mr. Seshasai. Both the booths at Mandaiveli have been set up at a cost of Rs. 1 lakh.


For the first time in the city an eco-friendly and hi-tech globe-shaped police booth powered by solar energy has been was opened near the Labour Statue on Kamarajar Salai. by Mr. Seshasai recently. Equipped with wide range cameras (two), public address system and other surveillance facilities. The cameras mounted on top have a range of 500 m and will help to monitor the beach crowd and traffic. A 19-inch surveillance video colour monitor saves and retains pictures for 45 days. The tough window panes will save the booth it from damage during riots and the doors will have biometric entry.

The booth was set up by an advertising agency based in out of New Delhi.


City PulseSeptember 24, 2010

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