Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday exhorted women to step out and take active part in politics saying their participation was important for the country.

“You (women) are 50 per cent of the country’s population, therefore, you should take part in active politics. Step out and get involved in the politics as it is not only important for you, but for the country as a whole,” Mr. Rahul said during an interaction with young women here.

“The country needs a society which is not male dominated, other states have done so and it should be done in Uttar Pradesh as well,” he added.

“Name five women, who are below 35 years and whom you can call national leaders,” he asked.

He said that “it was an irony that though the country has 50 per cent population of the fairer sex, but people cannot name five women as national leaders“.

“If women want to do something, they cannot be stopped, but there are two reasons behind lack of their participation,” he said.

Citing the reasons, the Congress leader said that first the country’s political system was difficult for women.

“Secondly, if a woman wants to enter the politics, this system is closed for them,” he said.

Mr. Rahul said that the Congress was providing a clear way to enter politics through NSUI and Youth Congress.

“Membership of both the organisations are open and elections are being held. Maximum women should come forward and participate in the process, there is ample space for them in the system,” he said.

He said that an effort was being made to build the first elected youth organisation.

“If you want to bring some change, participate in the process, it will not only benefit you, but would also provide a chance to learn as well,” he said.

“Several states are being run by atleast 50 per cent women,” he said.

“If you have to do it here as well you have to enter the political system. Males are not going to change the society,” he said.

Mr. Rahul said that women were most discriminated section of the society.

“People talk about upper caste and lower caste, but there is no discussion about women. They are most discriminated and the only way to end this is by getting into politics and this is the only message I want to communicate,” he said.

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