BJP on Monday questioned Anna Hazare whether exclusion of a representative of opposition was good for democracy. The Joint Committee to draft an effective Lok Pal Bill does not have any member from the Opposition parties.

“Anna accepted father and son duo. Included pro-Maoists… Had govt nominees. W(a)nted opp(osition) say yes, yet none from opposition (taken) in commitee. Democr(a)cy?” BJP spokesman Tarun Vijay said in a twitter posting.

“Turning opposition untouchable not good for Anna’s democratic movement,” Mr. Vijay further tweeted.

Earlier, however, Mr. Vijay had termed government conceding to Mr. Hazare’s demands as a victory nation’s collective conscience. “A victory for nation’s collective conscience. Just the beginning,” he said in a previous tweet.

Noted lawyer Shanti Bhushan and his son Prashant Bhusan were included in the Lokpal Bill drafting committee which has a total of 10 members including five from the government.

The Government on Friday had agreed to constitute a 10-member Joint Committee, including civil society members to draft a stronger Lokpal Bill, follwing which the veteran activist broke his 98-hour-long fast.

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