The BJP on Monday criticised the government for “hurriedly” filing vacancies in various ministries including Finance and Commerce. Questioning the government’s “political probity” and “judgment” the BJP said the haste in which positions are being filled indicates “malafide” intent.

“Just as there is anticipatory bail, this government is on an anticipatory filling of vacancies. With less than 90 hours to go for the formation of a new government, the Manmohan Singh government wants to make appointments even for those positions that will fall vacant after May 16,” said senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad.

The BJP has already made it displeasure evident over the appointment of the new Army Chief. “Filing vacancies hours before it [government] is to demit office is against democratic propriety and political probity,” he said.

On the Army chief's appointment, Mr. Prasad said: “When the Manmohan Singh government is certainly going to demit office after its defeat in 89 to 90 hours, I leave it to their judgment of political propriety whether to appoint the new Army chief or not when the vacancy is occurring in the end of July”.

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