Senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Indresh Kumar has provided “guidance” in a conspiracy hatched by radical elements for planting bombs in several cities across the country, says a Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad charge sheet against the five accused in the 2007 Ajmer dargah blast case.

Reacting to the charge sheet filed in an Ajmer court, the Rajasthan Muslim Forum has taken exception to the ATS not naming the RSS the mastermind behind the blast, in which three persons were killed, despite the “clear evidence” of the involvement of one of its senior leaders and other ‘pracharaks' and office-bearers emerging in the charge sheet.

“It seems there is an attempt to pre-empt the finding that the RSS has been directly involved in the bomb blasts and terror attacks across the country during the past few years. This depicts the deep-rooted biases within the police and intelligence apparatus,” Forum convener Qari Moinuddin said in a statement here on Saturday.

The Forum also demanded that the ATS reinvestigate the May 2008 Jaipur blasts, in the light of the new evidence it unearthed. It was “increasingly becoming evident” that the youth facing trial in the case were innocent and the real culprits were still at large, Mr. Moinuddin said.