For the first time, the West Bengal government has admitted it negotiated with Maoists the release of abducted police officer Atindranath Dutta.

“No government can say that whatever be the situation, we will not compromise. This kind of incident happened in the past in Kandahar, Delhi and Kashmir. Every time in the past whenever such incidents took place, this question arose.

However, we have to see this kind of incident does not take place,” state Home Secretary Ardhendu Sen said.

“The state and Central governments always take a flexible attitude in this type of incident,” he told reporters on Friday when asked if the state government had ‘softened’ its stand towards Maoists in securing the release of the officer-in-charge of the Sankrail Police station by swapping women arrested by security forces from West Midnapore.

He did not specify how the state government negotiated with the Maoists in securing the release of Mr. Dutta.

This was a particular case, however, and the state government would not hold talks with Maoists unless they abjure violence, Mr. Sen said.

“There will be no talks with Maoists in future if they stick to the path of violence,” he added.