GMR Male International Airport Ltd (GMIAL), a part of the GMR group, has said it will facilitate a smooth takeover of Ibrahim Nassir International Airport by the Maldives Airport Company Ltd, effective Friday midnight, as per the orders of the Court of Appeals, Singapore.

“GMIAL has been assured that as a result of this takeover all its employees, suppliers and other interested parties will not be put to any inconvenience. GMIAL remains committed to finding a suitable solution to this situation,” GMR said in a statement on Friday evening.

“We are taking requisite steps to work out the compensation receivable from the Government of Maldives, keeping in mind the judgment of the court and the concession agreement dated June 28, 2010,” it said.

“All actions as above are without prejudice to our legal rights and statements made before various courts/tribunals where matters are currently being pursued or likely to be taken up.”


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