Newly-appointed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Surya Pratap Shahi has said that his party would never join hands with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and would make the latter’s misrule an issue in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

“Whether BJP gains power in the state or not in the coming 2012 elections, we are sure about one thing and that is that we would have no truck with the BSP in future for government formation. In fact, we will make its misrule an election issue,” Mr. Shahi said here.

The past two experiences have been very bad as all our achievements have gone down the drain whereas the BSP has benefited from it and gained strength, Mr. Shahi said.

Appearing wary of pre-election alliances after the last one with the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), Mr. Shahi said that his party would contest the 2012 Assembly elections on its own and try to gain majority in the Vidhan Sabha.

On the issues on which his party plans to contest the elections in order to regain its lost ground, Mr. Shahi said it would be corruption and dismal law and order under the “misrule of the BSP government“.

“These are the issues which have troubled the common people of the state the most and they would be BJP’s election planks,” Mr. Shahi said.

Besides these, the rampant misuse of government funds on parks and memorials would also be raised.

“The BSP’s promise to rid the state from mafia and criminals. Today these very elements are ruling the roost while Mayawati is trying to befool the people in the name of taking action against them,” he said.

The state unit president said that BJP would not project any individual as its chief ministerial candidate in the coming elections and would instead jump into the fray on the principle of collective responsibility.

“The issue of chief minister would be decided collectively after the mandate,” Mr. Shahi stated.

Realising the task ahead of him, Mr. Shahi said that it would be his priority to work towards ensuring that the party regained its lost ground and respect in the Hindi heartland .

“The organisation till the grass—root level would be activated by giving due importance to dedicated and active party workers,” he said, adding that elections upto the district and block level would be completed by the month end to involve active workers.