The former team principal of Chennai Super Kings, Gurunath Meiyappan, and actor Vindu Dara Singh were chargesheeted last week for betting during IPL 6. The Mumbai Police charge sheet revealed how Mr. Meiyappan — BCCI president N. Srinivasan’s son-in-law — used to place bets through Mr. Singh and pass on confidential information to him. The Hindu has accessed the call transcripts of May 12, the day Chennai Super Kings played Rajasthan Royals. These reveal Mr. Meiyappan’s involvement in betting and his dependence on Mr. Singh. In this match, the former CSK official placed bets worth Rs.1.23 crore on CSK and Rs. 66 lakh on Rajasthan Royals.

The following are excerpts from the transcripts:

May 12, 8 p.m. onwards (30 minutes into the match)

Meiyappan: What is the current rate?

Singh: Rajasthan Royals at 79 paisa and CSK at 81 paisa. Though today CSK do not look like the favourites but they will surely win.

Meiyappan: Place Rs. 20 lakh on Rajasthan Royals, I think they will win.

(One hour into the match)

Meiyappan: I think CSK will put up a score of 130-140 runs only. Rajasthan Royals has a better chance.

Singh: Yeah, but CSK will win, you have to trust me. You just see what is going to happen. I will tell you CSK will make race runs (sic) and RR is going to lose.

(At 8.55 p.m.) Meiyappan: Can I exit, what can we do now?

Singh: Place bets on CSK.

Meiyappan: Are you sure CSK will win?

Singh: Yes.

Meiyappan: What’s the rate?

Singh: RR at 83 paisa.

Meiyappan: Ok, so place 30 lakhs on CSK.

(At 9.10 p.m., Vindu calls bookie Pawan Jaipur)

Singh: Kya rate hai? (What is the rate?)

Pawan: 80-83 (CSK 80 paisa and RR at 83 paisa)

Singh: 30 peti uske liye lagalo (Place Rs. 30 lakh on behalf of Meiyappan)

Pawan: Maine 80 pe 30 khai (code language used between bookies and punters which means: I have accepted a Rs. 30 lakh bet on the team, riding at 80 paisa. CSK was riding at 80 paisa.)

(At 9.15 p.m.) Meiyappan: How are we trading now?

Singh: You are losing Rs. 64.20 [lakh] currently.

Meiyappan: Ok tell me what the current rates?

Singh: RR is at 43 paisa.

Meiyappan: Ok, place Rs. 30 lakhs on RR

Singh to Pawan: Ye marega aaj; 30 lakh at 44 paisa Rajasthan pe lagao. (It looks like he will do badly. Place Rs. 30 lakh on RR)

Meiyappan: How are we doing now?

Singh: I am shivering. Forget about winning; let’s now just try to balance it.

Meiyappan: How are we trading now?

Singh: 1.24 crore on CSK and 55 lakhs on RR.

(In the end, RR won the match. Once the bets were squared, Mr. Meiyappan ended up losing Rs. 68.77 lakh.

The transcript also reveals how Vindu Dara Singh made a one paisa ‘commission’ on every bet he placed on behalf of Mr. Meiyappan. “Vindhu used to take the rate from the bookie Pawan. But while quoting the odds, he used to either add or subtract one paisa depending on whether Meiyappan was betting in favour of or against a team. Vindu used to pocket the difference,” said a source in Mumbai Police. )

Singh: How are we trading now?

Pawan: You are losing Rs. 1.23 crore on CSK and you are winning Rs. 66.49 lakh on Rajasthan (Mr. Singh then calls Mr. Meiyappan but while quoting the figures adds his commission according to the odds placed )

Singh: Ok, so we are losing 1.24 crore on CSK and we are winning Rs. 55.43 lakh on RR.

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