The website has already received over 7,000 hits and 800 registrations

The mobile technology-based vigilance system Vigeye (vigilance eye), launched by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in New Delhi on Thursday, is expected to become people-friendly in the coming days, said Vigilance Commissioner R. Sri Kumar.

In a month or two, this mobile-based participative vigilance programme is expected to become an important tool with which the common man can inform the CVC about corrupt practices in the government by the way of an SMS/MMS or by uploading data, document, video and audio proofs, the Vigilance Commissioner said on Sunday.

Public response to Vigeye is already encouraging with the website having received more than 7,000 hits and 800 registrations as of Sunday.

Mr. Kumar was speaking here after inaugurating a two-day National Workshop on Discipline and Vigilance Administration in Public Sector Banks, organised by the National Academy of Trade Union Research and Education, a wing of All-India State Bank Officers' Federation (AISBOF).

According to Mr. Kumar, though a 10-digit telephone number was in use now, they are trying to get a four-digit number. “The four-digit number could probably be 1964, the year the CVC was established,” he added.

The CVC is also mulling over having a BPO unit to process complaints, since the in-house BPO, a small one, currently handles them, he said.

This is besides the web-enabled technology, where complaints about corruption can be uploaded on

In both the interface, complainants will be regularly informed about the status of the complaint.

“These procedures are a precursor to the Whistle Blower Bill, which is before Parliament for ratification, and the CVC will be the nodal agency once the act is enforced,” Mr. Kumar said. The identity of the complainant will be guarded.

“Three years from now, we hope to see the new project become as popular as Facebook or iPods.”

SBI deputy managing director Arundhati Bhattacharya and general secretary of AISBOF and AIBOC G.D. Nadaf were present.

SMS <Vigeye> to 09223174440. You will receive an application that has to be installed in your mobile phone.

Next, upload SMS/ MMS, photo, video, data or document pertaining to corruption onto the CVC server. A number will be sent to you acknowledgement.

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